The Truth about stretching?

Bumpy or smooth they get the job done!
Bumpy or smooth they get the job done!

Interesting article from Dynamic Chiropractic in March. The primary point being addressed is awareness as to individuals in dealing with their continuous muscular tension. Muscular tension can occur from standard lifestyle practices of seating at their desk for hours on end in addition to repetitive actions that result in muscle compensations by the body trying to provide stability and balance. If you do not effectively address the overactive muscles that develop from your daily activities and/or continue practicing actions that will results in muscular tension stiffness and discomfort will increase until it can be unbearable to deal with. I have witnessed clients exhibiting greater range of motion and release after completing a stretching session; however, the progress of the individuals’ tension does not improve unless overactive muscles are encouraged to release through rolling techniques.
I do recommend clients continuing in practices that lessens their pain, discomfort, and tension. Pay attention to your body….you know how you feel better than anyone else!

Why stretching doesn’t work

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