*Services are based on traveling within 15 mile radius.  Addition travel fees may apply.

  Service Time (min) Cost
Initial Assessment 90 115
One On One 60 80
Virtual Training (skype/facetime) 60 60
Partner Training (2 participants) 60 120
Group Training (60 mins)

Support each other with your health

       goals and train together! 

3 people

4 people

5 or more

45 a person

40 a person

35 a person

Program Design (2x/week/month) 40
Program Design (3x/week/month) 60
Nutrition Coaching 30




Health and Wellness Presentations TBA TBA
Life Coaching 70

Specialties Incorporated


Basic Health Assessment

A Basic health assessment is incorporated into the initial appointment for a client. This allows the professional and client to review health history, current nutrition analysis, and functional movement evaluation. All of these are dire in creating an exercise and nutrition plan to ensure that the efforts made towards ones goal is effective and efficient.

Strength Training

Training designed to enhance muscle mass through inducing muscular contraction resulting in strength development. Differences in repetitions, workload, and duration of exercise determine variations of strength building. Modified to the goals of the client.

Weight Loss

Idealistically, individuals are taught that calories in vs. calories out is the primary concept in losing weight. This can be true for some; however, weight loss training is designed to enhance your lean body mass, while reducing your fat index through cardiovascular and strength training exercises. Increasing your body’s ability to use fat for fuel raising the potential of losing weight and keeping it off!!

Core Development

The Core consists of variety of muscles from your hips to your shoulders that provide the foundation of postural support through stabilization of the spine and pelvis. A strong core systems enhances one’s ability in power movements of the extremities, in addition to providing protection of the back by sharing the responsibilities of weight-bearing stresses during movement. Training designed to enhance these muscles reduces risk of wear and tear complications from common lifestyle factors.

Corrective Exercise

With all lifestyle types, individuals can begin to compensate through movement creating muscular imbalances that can be present in postural and functional movement assessments. Corrective exercise is designed to emphasize correct actions of movement by strengthening the weaker portions of the body and to release the tension and compensation tendencies of dominanting muscles.

Pregnancy Training

During pregnancy, the female body faces an array of changes. Each women’s body, abilities, preferences, and comfort level are of extreme importance during the baby growing process. Exercise can provide many benefits for both mother and baby with appropriate planing and in respect to the different phases of pregnancy. All pregnant women should receive doctor consent to participate in any exercise activity. Once given approval….continue eating healthy, exercising safely, and post-delivery get that body back!!

Program Design

Collaboration of multiple workout plans designed to the clients goals with exercise description.

Golf Enhancement

Training is focused on utilizing integrated training approaches to maximize the client’s potential and reduce strokes off their game. This is done through the performance of golf specific assessments to establish which muscular enhancements are necessary to produce a more effective golf swing resulting in improved club head speed, driving distance, and prevention of golf-related injuries.

Endurance Training

Training focused to enhance cardiovascular, respiratory, and muscular endurance during both aerobic and anaerobic activity. This consists of repetitive muscular contractions over an extended period of time with resistance to fatigue. Endurance training establishes a new level of fitness with improvements not only in performance, but an increase in energy, heart oxygen function, and an increased metabolism.

Nutrition consultation

Nutritional review of the clients past and current dietary habits not only reveal the foods that are absent from nutritional necessity, but also provides insight into trends that need modification for the individual to succeed toward their overall health goals. This can be as simple as getting back to basic nutrition 101, evaluation of blood work, grocery store shopping assistance, and kitchen/pantry modifications.

Health and wellness presentations (TBA)

Designed for companies to provide health awareness for their employees. Designed for coaches within school districts for proper training techniques, appropriate muscle targets for specific sports, and pre and post sports nutrition practices. If you have a health awareness objective, we can provide our knowledge in a professional presentation set up to bring your message across.