Kapitol health is an In-home exercise and nutrition training company designed to assist individuals achieve their ideal health. There are no gym memberships needed, no fancy workout gear required, and no unnecessary expectations. All that is needed is for one to be themselves. We can get through all things by setting our mind to the task at hand and working together to accomplish your health and wellness goals.

Meet our staff…..

Kristen “Abby” Pagud
B.S. – Health and Wellness
N.A.S.M- CPT                                N.A.S.M-Corrective Exercise                                  Specialist                                  N.A.S.M-Performance Enhancement                                                                                     Specialist                                                                                                        N.A.S.M-Golf Enhancement 
                                                                    Precision Nutrition Certified
                                                                    CPR/AED Certified-Adult & Pediatric
Abby has always had a love for fitness and nutrition starting in her early school years. She dedicated herself through leadership roles for the community and Team Captain positions in sports. In 2001, she graduated early to attend David Leadbetter Golf Academy for 2 years of intense training. She was recruited by College of the Canyons Women’s golf team and attended there for 3 years. After several years of focusing on her family. Abby completed her B.S. in Health and wellness and shortly after strived for her CPT through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She has been training and enhancing her thirst for nutrition and exercise knowledge ever since. With over 15 years of training experience and over 4 years working for fitness establishments.

Abby has made it her mission to assist others in accomplishing their health and wellness goals. She believes that anything can be accomplished despite the challenges that come.In the Summer of 2014, Abby founded Kaptiol Health with ambitions to reach a new level of training service. “Bring the service to the client and make their life a little less hectic. Day to day objectives can become overwhelming and the first thing that is sacrificed is one’s personal goals. I want to eliminate that personal sacrifice and give people their highest potential in reaching their goals by coming to them with their exercise and nutrition program.

Personal philosophy: Never ask someone to do something that you haven’t experienced yourself….and if you do, make sure you do it with them!

Favorite Exercise: “Anything that makes you feel like a kid again presenting the weeeeee affect!”